Playground Field Trip and Checklist

In this assignment you will observe for 30 minutes activity either on an indoor or outdoor playground. Take notes on what you see and submit a completed playground checklist.

Playgrounds are designed for children to explore their physical and mental abilities. The
design of these spaces can be unique and can be quite different from playground to
playground. That said, the one thing that unites all playground design is safety. This
assignment will take you out to a playground, and you will assess it for safety.
In this assignment, do the following:
Visit a local playground and spend some time observing the following:
o Supervision
o Age-appropriate design
o Fall surfacing
o Equipment maintenance
o Overall comfort design
Using the attached checklist indicate each observed line item with an x.
Consider the physical condition of the playground.
Leave comments in the comment column, explaining why you gave the rating
you did.
Take a picture that is a good representation of the playground with you in it
(selfie) and submit it with your checklist.
Submit a completely filled out checklist with a picture of the playground (selfie).
Please add comments, positive or negative, for each item checked

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