Physiology: Acupuncture mini research paper

1. Describe the background of your pain treatment through a physiological lens.

2. Provide an overview of the efficacy of this treatment.

3. Examine the use of the treatment through the analysis of clinical studies.

4. Paper must include at least 4 secondary articles and 2 primary articles.

Introduction: What type of pain are you looking at? If your topic is broad, try and write down. What is the consensus in this research field? What do we already know? What is not well known? Define the scope of your research topic.

Body Paragraph #1: Physiology of the treatment. what is the physiological mechanism behind the treatment? Is there anything unknown about the mechanism?

Body Paragraphs: Analysis of clinical research articles. Describe the researchers hypothesis or research question. Briefly outline the experimental approach and explain the methodology used to test the hypothesis. Describe the major findings the obtained and how that relates to the hypothesis.

Conclusion: synthesize the findings from all primary and secondary articles, is the treatment effective? or is more research needed? What questions emerged from the findings of the studies? What else do we need to know? what directions can this research go? Perhaps there is sufficient evidence to say whether this treatment is viable.


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