physical activity

As we start to apply what we learn about physical activity (PA) & exercise we must acknowledge that there are and will be obstacles in our life that will impede our progress,  restrict our engagement, stifle our motivation, & prevent our execution of our plans to initiate and maintain a PA/exercise program.  For this assignment I want you to write a 500 word reflective on what these obstacles in your life specifically are.  Sometimes it can be a simple obstacle of failing to schedule time or lack of access to a fitness facility.  Sometimes the reasons or more complicated.  As you start to think about this assignment I want you to notice that I used the term “reasons” NOT “excuses”.  As we fail we often use tactics of excusing our actions or accusing other people, things, or circumstances for our lack of success.  For this reflective I want you to move past those.  What this means is that the simple reasons are rarely the real reasons we do not manage our health and honor God as we should.  Just like our daily bible study times and other avenues of connecting with God, engaging our physical health is something we make time for and not usually have time for.  For some of you this will be a simple quick assignment.  For many, this reflective will take more than 2 pages.  It is time to become introspective for more than a casual moment.  It is time to be brave and therefore allowing us to be truely honest.  Why are we really struggling with this?

Are we intimidated by exercise?

Are we trying to gauge our success by comparison to others?

Do we have a sense that success is impossible so we shouldn’t even try?

Is the urgent and immediate sense of discomfort overpower the long term benefits?

Are we embarrassed?

Do we simply not prioritize PA/exercise?

What is it that holds you back?  What is the truth about exercise that God wants to reveal to you?  What do you need to do in order to overcome your obstacles?

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