Philosophy- business ethics case study

Philosophy- business ethics case study

PAPERS: The papers will be a moral evaluation of cases. It should be double spaced, APA or MLA format acceptable.
It is imperative that you CITE. This is the most important aspect of writing a paper. If you paraphrase from a book or journal article, you need to give me the citation from where you found the idea. If you quote, once again I need a citation. Similarly if you are simply alluding to a particular idea, I need a citation.
I need a Bibliography at the end of the paper. Please use Internet resources as a last resource, and not as a main source of information. The main sources of information should be a) your book, b) books or journal articles related to the topic at hand, c) newspaper or magazine articles, and d) as a last resort, internet resources. I do not want a paper to use primarily and only Internet resources. If the paper only uses Internet resources, it will lead to a decrease in grade.

1) The paper ought to begin first with explaining the case at hand:
a) It has to establish what is being asked of the agent to do
b) Who is affected
c) What is the problem
d) In what ways is this morally problematic
e) What are possible future consequences of acting immorally
2) The paper ought to then provide a brief explanation of the salient features of the case you have decided to write on: is this a Marketing, Advertising, Insider Trading, Employee Responsibility, Accounting Responsibility, etc. issue. Once you have identified what type of issue you are dealing with, then provide any necessary terminology that will be important to understand how this problem ought to be resolved. USE YOUR BOOK! The issues in each case will be particular to a topic or a set of topics that we have already discussed. All students will be involved here.
3) Each paper must have at least one solution from each student in the group except for the student who is writing the introduction and the setting up of the problem. The other students must write how the reasoned to the solution. At the end of each solution they are to write their name. Then the group must come to a consensus to what they think the morally permissible action should be.
You have to really think about what needs to be stated carefully and to the point. Please no at length quotes. Turn in class, HARD COPY ONLY.

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