3. Length: up to 5 pages is recommended. However, you can go further if you need.
4. This time, you can write on any issue we have dealt with in the class. You can even revisit Peter Singers
discussion on donation. In the first short essay, you dealt with Singers responses to a particular objection.
Instead, you can address Singers main argument that donation is obligatory (i.e., the drowning child argument)
in this new paper. Choosing an issue other than donation is totally okay.
5. Your paper must have a clear (1) introduction and a succinct (2) conclusion. In the introduction, you should
introduce the problem you intend to tackle. Again, your readers are intelligent persons without the background
knowledge about the problem. Hence, your introduction should enable your readers to understand the issue
clearly. If you think that your readers can understand the issue, then clearly state your main claim, which will
constitute the thesis of your paper. The thesis should be a simple and clear single statement. Briefly explain with
two or three sentences. The last step is to explain the structure of your paper.
The conclusion should be a brief summary of your discussion. Adding a new point at the very last
phase of your paper is not a good idea. Summarize the discussion and paraphrase your main thesis.
6. Philosophical papers aim to criticize other peoples arguments or to build up a new perspective on the given
issues. Criticizing other peoples arguments is much easier than building up your own view. My
recommendation is to focus on criticizing other philosophers argument. If you want to be more constructive,
you can point out the problems with other persons views and then provide a way to overcome those problems
you pointed out.
Of course, you can choose to build up your own view on the chosen issue. However, if you do so, that
means that you find the extent views on the issue unsatisfactory. Thus, you should briefly explain why you think
those extent views are unsatisfactory.
7. The grading criteria for this second essay will be more demanding and tighter than those for the former.
However, I can of course help you out. Please make an appointment with me whenever you need help.

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