Personality of a famous person paper

Using Martian Luther king jr and this paper outline

The purpose of this assignment is to give you experience in applying the theories you are learning about to a real personality. Your submission should be based on the celebrity or public figure your researched for your Famous Person Outline and References, and should take into account any and ALL feedback received on that assignment. Your final submission should be about 6-8 pages long, not including your title and references pages, and should conform to APA style for formatting, citations, and references.

Instructions: Your final paper should include the following contents.

Introduction Introduce and give a general overview of what you will be covering in the paper and how it relates to this course.
Overview of Theories Write a paragraph including the Key Concepts of each of the following Theories of Personality:
Trait Theory
Person x Situation Theory (i.e., Mischel & Shoda, 1995; in Situations lecture)
Evolutionary Psychology
Biological Aspects of Personality
Behaviorism and Learning Theory
Humanistic Theory
Case Study
Biography of Celebrity summary of their life
Theory choose one of the above theories to explain your celebrity. You will analyze this person from one of the perspectives above. For example, analyze this person from Freudian perspective: Include childhood experiences. Does this person seem to be fixated at any stage or demonstrate aspects of the id, ego, and superego? Have they demonstrated any defense mechanisms?
Conclusions What conclusions can you draw? You do not have to believe every part of your analysis, but it must reflect the facts of the individuals life and the theory you are using. Include in first person your reflections.

I will also link an example paper but use Martin Luther king

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