Personal Vision of Ethical Business Behavior (Part 2)

I will upload the first part as a reference, please continue the first part of the story and complete the below requirements

Part 2. Discovering Your Beliefs and Practices and Clarifying Why

1.Identify your beliefs and how these beliefs impact your ethical behavior.
  Identify what the most important five beliefs you have are.

2.Clarify your belief and practices in terms of acting ethically.
    Present an argument why you chose these ethical principles.
    What makes these important to you and in your future business dealings.
    Identify what your core values are that guide the way you work and make decisions.
    What challenges you face or anticipate facing in living these beliefs.

3.The statement should articulate what you strive to be as a business professional, including:

  What influences your actions and interactions with others and your organization;
  Demonstrate how you would put these guiding ideals into practice;
  How this statement will serve as a guidepost for decision making

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