personal statement studying in uk aerospace engineering

Talk about yourself, introduce yourself as person in general, your personality, hobbies and personal attitude
Explain Why you have chosen that specific course and why you want to study in the UK How you will apply your current skills, knowledge and experience to the course
How the course fits into your career plans and ambitions
what are your ambitions and goals in the future
Personal Statement – Structure
Opening Section:
Explain why you have chosen your subject, such as what attracted you to the subject? What aspects of the subject attracted you to it?
Show any commitments you have to your chosen subject, have you done additional reading? What extra knowledge have you obtained for your chosen subject?
Middle Section:
Explain why the university should offer you a place on their course. You should speak of how your non-related skills such as communication, logic or debating, will assist you during your course.
Include experiences that are not just related to your school work, what other activities have you done that you feel prepare you for studying. Such experiences include paid/unpaid work, extracurricular activities or participation in any clubs.
Explain why you choose to study in the UK.
Final Section:
You should round off your statement by tying all the information together. Speak again as to why you are interested in the course in a positive manner

Why study in the UK
    UK universities provide internationally recognised qualifications to students
    All universities now provide students with access to the latest technology and facilities
    The support available for student is of the highest quality. This includes one to one support and group meetings
    The quality of teaching is assessed in the UK by the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA)
    Many courses in the UK are shorter than those in other countries
    Examination fees are included in the course
    The UK provides all students with discounted benefits for being a student. This can be discount travel, food, clothes just by registering for a little card called the National Union of Students (NUS)
    You can work as you study in the UK. This will obviously be dependent on your course and age. It sometimes can be up to 20 hours a week
    Multi-cultural society
    High calibre of research being undertaken
    Worldwide recognition
    Variety of innovative courses

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