Personal Managerial Effectiveness

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The workplace today is increasingly changing and many managers find themselves with the challenge of managing a diverse workforce.
Select one organisation of your choice and analyse how the organisation selected is responding to managing workforce diversity.
Include in your report recommendations to management about how such a process could be enhanced.
Description of Assessment Requirements
1. Assignments will be graded on the basis of research done, analysis of the
facts collated, stand taken and the justification of the stand.
2. All research must be referenced using the APA Style of Referencing and a
Reference and Bibliography list attached. Improper or lack of either of these
constitutes plagiarism.
3. Students found copying from other students will also be charged with
Marking Guidelines
Introduction-coverage of background of the topic and the selected
organisation. (10 marks maximum)
 Weak coverage with little or no justification: 1-3
 Satisfactory coverage with some justification: 4-7
 Good coverage with good justification: 8-10
Review of the related literature-Collection of data from a range of sources (25
marks maximum)
 Little or no evidence of data: 1-9
 Satisfactory range of sources: 10-16
 Excellent range of sources: 17-25
Analysis and evaluation (25 marks maximum)
 Weak analysis with little or no evaluation: 1-9
 Satisfactory analysis with some evaluation: 10-16
 Good analysis with good evaluation: 17-25
Recommendations to management (20 marks)
 Poor recommendations with little or no justification: 1-7
 Satisfactory recommendations with some justification: 8-13
 Good recommendations with good justification: 14-20
Presentation, argument and referencing (20 marks maximum)
 Poor presentation, poorly structured argument and poor referencing: 1-7
 Satisfactory presentation, logically structured argument and satisfactory
referencing: 8-13
 Good presentation, logically structured argument and satisfactory referencing:

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