PBH320: SUBSTANCE ABUSE M5D1: Exploring the Five Life Areas through Nics Eyes

Movie or book to read: Beautiful Boy (2018 film) book  Author: David Sheff

Reading Material:

Video to watch:



View the Following Websites:

Garrett, F.P. (2012). Excuses alcoholics make (Links to an external site.). Behavioral Medicine Associates.
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. (2004). Alcohol alert: Alcohols damaging effects on the brain (Links to an external site.).
National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. (2001). NIDA Notes: Addressing the medical consequences of drug abuse (Links to an external site.).
National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2012). NIDA Infofacts: Understanding drug abuse and addiction (Links to an external site.)
National Institute on Drug Abuse. (2012). NIDA: Medical consequences of drug abuse. (Links to an external site.) (Please review the overview and then read the medical consequences under the table of contents.)

M5D1: Exploring the Five Life Areas through Nics Eyes
As always, the first question in this discussion is opinion-based, so jump right into the discussion immediately. For subsequent questions, please meaningfully integrate your readings, including the text, articles, and Module Notes, into your posts.  Engage in the discussions early, since time goes by so quickly.

By the end of our discussion, you will be able to examine the five major life areas impacted by abuse and the relationship between abuse and denial, In addition you will be able to provide examples of the negative impact of alcohol/drugs and recommend strategies to minimize these impacts.

In your opinion:

1. This week, we will look at the many areas of a persons life that may be negatively impacted by substance abuse.  Lets start with a celebrity profile. For decades now, we have heard about the struggles of celebrities (music, film/television, comedy, sports, politics, etc.) with addiction.  Many celebrities have died from overdose or other circumstances resulting from substance abuse. Who stands out for you and why?

Celebrities are often idolized sometimes reviled – and yet these high profile substance-related tragedies and the media coverage dont seem to deter many people from their own experimentation and/or abuse. Why do you think this is?

After completing the reading and videos, participate in the discussion about the personal impact of abuse. Lets start with the first question and then we will move on to the next once we have fully explored this one. In this way, we will go through the questions together one at a time.

2. Having completed this weeks assigned readings and videos, lets talk about how abuse and/or addiction impacts ones everyday life in the five life areas. Which of Nics life areas are particularly impacted? Be sure to consider mental/emotional and physical health concerns.

3. Isaac Asimov wrote, The easiest way to solve a problem is to deny it exists. (The Gods Themselves).  To what extent do you think this quote rang true for Nic? In what ways did Nic illustrate being in denial? What were some ways this denial was – or could have been – addressed?

4. Who or what might be helpful to Nic in his recovery process? Consider any community resources as you explore this.

Note: We will be discussing each question together as a group, one at a time. As you create your posts, remember that the goal is an informed, dynamic conversation. Be creative in your headings and responsive to others who have posted before you. As you create responses to others, create new and descriptive titles to your post. Dont simply put “re:” or type in a person’s name that is already clear from the thread. Instead, if you type a full sentence or long enough phrase that the point of your post will be clear. This tip for using the subject line effectively will make navigating all discussion threads easy and meaningful. There is no right or wrong response, but you should demonstrate an ability to relate the module materials to the discussion questions in an articulate, well-reasoned manner.

At least one Reference needed:

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