Patient Education and Ethical Issues in Todays Health Care

The purpose of this assignment is to educate patients on their rights to privacy. Every person possesses certain rights guaranteed by law, including the rights to privacy, self-determination, and the right to accept or reject medical treatment. A professional relationship between the physician and the patient is essential for the provision of proper medical care. Understanding the rights and responsibilities of both patient and health care provider is important, as they are rooted in the law, ethics, moral principles, and religious values.

Create a 500- to 750-word digital brochure for patients, providing an overview of current patient education and ethical issues in todays h0ealth care for health care providers in your field of study.
Address the following in your brochure:
-Explain the professional codes of ethics and standards.
-Describe patient/health care provider relationships and the principles that govern them. Provide at least one example from a personal experience.
-Describe how health care delivery has changed over time for health care professionals and patients receiving the care.
-Explain patient rights and responsibilities.
-Discuss the pervasiveness of patient abuse and identify its signs.

The brochure should include graphics that are relevant to the content, visually appealing, and use space appropriately.

Support your brochure with 23 scholarly resources.

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