In 1000 – 1500 words, take up an argument supporting or opposing one of Nietzsche’s claims.  This paper should include:

A title page in APA style. No abstract required.
An introduction with some kind of attention getting device and thesis statement.
A clear thesis where you:
establish your position and
preview your main points in support of that position.
A main point where you explain Nietzsche’s position/argument.
This section should include at least two short quotes from the texts we have read.
A main point where you defend or attack Nietzsche’s argument.
Include at least one academic (peer-reviewed) source that supports your claim.
At least one potential counterargument against your position that you refute. This can either be abstract: “It could be argued that,” “some might say,” or concrete “[secondary author] tries to claim “
A conclusion where you restate (not copy-paste) your thesis and come to a conclusion.
Remember that the conclusion is not the place for argumentation.  Your “bombshell” needs to come in the body of the paper.
An APA reference page with all sources.

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