Paper #2

In a 2-3-page paper choose a film that you have watched outside of class OR from one of the films available in our class films (but not currently playing in theaters), and address the following:

In what genre would you classify the film? Why? What is it about the lighting, editing, pacing, style, etc. that lets you know.
Does the film change or overlap genres at different parts of the film? If so, are there changes in the lighting, editing, sound, etc. that contribute to this change?

Your chosen film  cannot be one that you used in either of the previous Discussion posts. Also, it cannot be a film that you analyzed for Paper#1 or plan to analyze for the final paper.

Remember, your paper should not include a plot synopsis. Incorporate terminology covered in course materials. The paper should be double-spaced, with a 12-point font, 1-inch margins on all sides. If applicable, please be sure to use proper citations for any resources you use.
This paper is due at 11:59PM Sunday at the end of Week 4.
Open these instructions in order to submit your paper.
Be sure to include your last name in the filename and a Resources page if you cited any sources in your paper.

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