Panic Disorder

Assessment: Describe how the disorder is assessed taking into consideration basic components of the interview(problem, mental status, vegetative etc.) historical data, medical evaluation and suggested medical tests(lab, scans etc.), psychological tests, etc.  This does not mean to just briefly describe the interview or the need to collect, historical data, conduct a medical evaluation or do psychological tests. This means for each assessment component whether it be the interview or the MMPI-2, the student should discuss how these assessment procedures determine the evidence for the disorder. In other words, when collecting historical data, what does one look for in the history of someone who has antisocial personality disorder or a person who has body dysmorphic disorder? What specific historical issues are evident in the family? What findings does a selected psychological test show or what scale that aids in the diagnosis of a particular disorder? Which scale of the MMPI-2 might reflect antisocial characteristics? You have to do the research to answer certain areas.

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