Ottoman empire

you will develop a historically relevant question that analyzes various aspects of Western Civilizations

you will need to develop questions that address questions of how or why rather than factually based questions, you want an analytical essay and not a report

Primary source material includes sources from the period being studied and can include, but are not limited to: letters, histories, journals, paintings, architecture, sculpture, etc.
Acceptable secondary source material would include, but not limited to scholarly journal articles, appropriate scholarly databases and websites (official museums and libraries), historical documentaries that demonstrate rigorous scholarly research, etc.

write a formal 2500-3000-word analytical essay that presents a clear argument or thesis that may be supported by secondary and primary sources

Format should include Times New Roman 12-in font, standard margins, and double spaced
Proper citations should be used for all references made to sources along with a Works Cited page using the Chicago style

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