Opportunity or Oppression

Industrialization is the process in which a society or country transforms itself from a primarily agriculture-based society into one based on the manufacturing of goods and services. Globalization reflects how the world economies are becoming more connected.

Industrialization and globalization are driving the production and consumption of cheap goods. Anthropologists can examine how cultures both influence and are influenced by industrialization and globalization. As evident in the assigned articles and video, industrialization and globalization can separate the contexts of consumption and production. Western countries as mass consumers are shielded from the circumstances of the producers in less developed countries, such as worker exploitation and changes in social structures.

In the initial post, please include the following:

(assigned position for debate: Sweatshops oppress workers)

Explain how industrialization and globalizationincluding technological innovationcontribute to the existence of sweatshops.

Defend your assigned position, citing specific information from the provided resources.

Use clear statements as to how cultural relativism influences your position.

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