Operations and Supply Chain Management

Write a 350-word report which outlines the key content you have planned towards Assignment 2.
Your report will need to include the following three components:
1. An introduction to the chosen organization (Waitrose Distribution Centre, Euxton, UK), who they are, what they do and briefly describing the size of the business, the market/s they serve and their current operations and supply chains. In addition, look to include brief descriptions of any key competitive advantages they may hold. [30% of the marks]
2. A description of up to four key operations and/or supply chain management challenges that the chosen organisation is facing, resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. [40% of the marks]
3. A brief description of how the organisation has been affected by COVID-19 and any mitigation measures that have already been put in place. Further, highlight potential opportunities the organisation may look to implement that will allow them to survive and/or grow in the future. [30% of the marks]

Organization Choice:
1. Organizations should be of sufficient scale to produce the best results. However, don’t take on too large an organisation that affects your ability to gain meaningful research data in enough depth.
2. As a guide, try to avoid choosing:
              Very small companies (less than 5 employees)
              Very larger organizations (more than 5,000 employees)
3. This will enable you to offer proposals that reasonable opportunities to create new and meaningful competitive advantages.

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