Operating Budget for Walmart

For this Interactive Assignment, you are going to look at the financial statements for the company you selected and, using the previous quarters financial data, interpret the data and propose a budget for the next Quarter based on your current and previous analysis of company performance.

List your current sales, discounts and allowances, net sales, margins, operating costs, and earning before and after taxes.
Choose a minimum of two financial ratios (below) and include in your analysis.
Prepare the next quarters budget based on your interpretation of past data.

Use the operating budget template attached below…
Include at least two of the following types of relevant financial ratios in your analysis.

Profitability Ratio
Liquidity Ratio
Solvency Ratio
Valuation Ratio
Leverage Ratio

In your initial post, provide a brief description of your company and provide a summary of your Operating Budget along with a rationale that supports suggested budgetary changes. Attach your Operating Budget Template to your initial post…..

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