Ohio Edison Dam

For the final paper, you will create a risk strategy for a specific critical sector located in a jurisdiction or specific facility. Narrow your focus from simply selecting one of the 16 sectors  In your paper you must address the following components:

Provide a detailed analysis of the critical infrastructure jurisdiction or specific facility.

Include the historical background and any stakeholder information.

Identify and explain the hazards and vulnerabilities facing your chosen jurisdiction.

Describe the types of threats that could exploit these vulnerabilities and estimate how compromising the system would impact the surrounding area and stakeholders.

Discuss strategies for jurisdictional resilience. What methods of risk assessment might be used to minimize vulnerabilities?

Discuss emerging trends that may impact your chosen sector, jurisdiction, or facility. What actions should be taken to address those trends?

Conclude with an evaluation of current policies (federal, state, and local) relating to risk and resilience and the impact these have on your chosen sector, jurisdiction, or facility.

The final paper must be a minimum of 12 pages in length, word-processed, and error-free. Please use double-spacing and Times New Roman or Arial font. All in-text citations and the final reference page must be in the American Psychological Association (APA) style  – preferably the 7th edition.


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