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Yaslin Garcia
How would you use what you learned in this chapter and apply it to yourself?

I would use what I learned in this chapter by applying more exercise into my daily routine. I will make a better fitness plan fit for my goals such as making sure that the mode, duration, and frequency of my workout is near at least the weight management zone which is 60-70% MHR (Wardlaw, G. M., Smith, A. M., Collene, A., & Spees, C. K. 2021). Some ways I can apply this to myself is by making sure that the programs I do are done in short intervals and have a lower end of the max heart rate target zone. I will work up for a total of 30 minutes a day and prepare for new workouts by having cooled-down periods.

Would you start exercising? What would you do? How would you do it? Where?

I already do exercise but I definitely will continue to exercise and make sure I’m more fit. From this chapter, I learned how easy it is to keep up with the exercise in order to have the most effect on my body. I already work out 3-4 times a week and would like to improve on that amount. I would like to work more on my strength exercise which is something I rarely do. I am more into aerobic exercises such as running and cycling. In Darrens article, it is mentioned that there is a linear relationship between physical activity and health status (Warburton, D. E., Nicol, C. W., & Bredin, S. S. 2006.). Because of this, there is an increase in physical activity and fitness which then leads to additional improvements in health status.

Would you change how you fuel your workouts?

Yes, I would definitely change what I use and eat to fuel my body properly for my exercises. I will do this by incorporating more carbs on the days I have more strenuous workouts. I think this will be beneficial in the long run because I usually don’t fuel properly for my workouts and notice this causes me to be more sluggish when I do work out. Carbs are so important but vary in your workouts which I found interesting if I’m looking to do a longer workout my body would need a high carb diet and then a mixed diet in order to have good sustainable energy, During a 60-minute workout which is usual for me I would need more of a high-fat diet.

How would you change your fueling routine?

I would change my fueling routine by making sure to eat carbs on appropriate dates and times of the day. It is evident that some activities do not need carb overloading. For example, cross country and marathons do require more carbs whereas workouts that include just weight lifting or walking/hiking do not (Kanter M. 2018). I also would like to change my fueling routine by making sure to eat after working out, which is something I tend to not do if I’m too tired after working out to make food.

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