Nursing leadership and management

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Discussion Topic:

Sam has just been hired as the nurse manager for a busy Med-Surg unit in a local community hospital that often sees patients with chronic illness and multiple co-morbidities. This unit recently experienced a high rate of staff turnover followed by the resignation of the nurse manager. Tension is high and morale is low. In addition, the hospital is going through the process of MAGNET Recognition and is expecting a visit in the coming months. The nurses on Sam’s unit do not wish to be involved in the MAGNET process; one speaks up at a staff meeting and states “We are already so overworked. We just want to focus on providing good patient care and can’t be bothered with the rest.”

As a manager, how can Sam work to get buy-in for the MAGNET process while convincing his staff that this process can help ensure quality care?

APA 7 format. Scholarly references but be within 5 years.

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