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Paper instructions:

Choose one topic from the list below for each of your two weekly Journal entries:
1. the reading assignment and/or
2. the video presentations and/or
3. online discussions by your fellow students.

You will write two entries for each week,  a total of 16 entries for the term.  Your first weekly Journal will be due on Thursdays at 5pm  each week.  Your second weekly Journal will be due on Sundays at 5pm each week.  Note due dates and times below.

IMPORTANT: Journals should be 1- pages of reflection on something that caught your attention enough to think more about it because it is important to YOU. Be careful NOT to report what we covered in the Unit. We both already know that and there is no value in telling me again.  I want to know what you are doing/thinking/feeling about what you learned, not a report of what you learned.  If you have any questions about this, contact me.

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