Neanderthals vs Modern Homosapiens

Part 1. Compare (list)
Compare the features of Neanderthal to modern Homosapien

Part 2. Explain (200 words)
Explain the migration of Homo sapiens out of Africa (provide as much detail as you can from the film and the map on page 20-21)

Part 3. Relevance (300 words)
Svante Paabo says that one of the key aspects of humans is that “we have always mixed” with one another. What does this statement mean as it relates to race? Is there such a concept as biological race or is race a cultural construct?

I have created a quick list for you to refer to in order to make sure your writing meets college level requirements.

Make sure you have a central thesis.  Put this thesis in bold!

Avoid Over-writing. Im not impressed with big words, jargon, and confusing sentences. Say exactly what you mean. Make strong declarative statements and provide examples to show me what youre writing about. Youll be graded on clear, to-the-point writing.

Use Paragraphs. Dont just give me some stream-of-consciousness in one long paragraph. Paragraph use is expected of college students. NEVER should your writing be one long paragraph.

Write in compete sentences and other instructions. You should have a basic knowledge of grammar, syntax, and spelling. Use a dictionary, your computer’s spell checker, or go to the Writing Center. Dont list as listing is not explaining.
Very Few Quotes. Use your own words. Im serious on this. Too often students use quotes to say what they should be saying themselves. Quotes will result in a lower grade.
Read your discussion or book paper out loud before hitting Submit. Itll make your paper better.
Length. Pay attention to word count. Most of your work requires at least 500 words.

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