Narrative reflection

Narrative Reflection
Alongside your compilation of visualizations, your other task is to construct a narrative reflection of your work. The narrative has multiple objectives:

1. (~ 2 paragraphs) Introduce your work – In about two paragraphs, provide a general overview of your portfolio. What did you visualize and what do you hope the reader will take away? What should the reader know about you to better understand how to engage with your work? This is not the space to get into the technical details of the visualizations (see below). Instead, focus on drawing the reader in and motivating the visualizations and how your own personal background and experiences shaped the creation. This introduction should be entirely new (i.e., not something you already submitted as part of previous assignments). Since these visualizations were created specifically for a community partner, this is an opportunity to describe what you hoped to communicate to the Edmonds School District staff through your work.

2. Dashboard Reflections – Include the following for each of the three visualizations (i.e., repeat the three bullets below for each of the three dashboards):

(~1-2 paragraphs) Introduce the dashboard by discussing the theme and rationale for the work. What was the question driving the exploration and visualization? What source(s) of data did you use in your visualization? Who is the intended audience?

(~2-3 paragraphs) Walk the reader through your process. Why did you select the specific charts for this visualization? What design (color, placement, etc.) features did you employ and why?

(~1-2 paragraphs) How did your visualization change from the first draft to the current version? What motivated the changes? How do you think it has improved? What are the remaining limitations of your work? Some considerations might include accessibility, functionality, beauty, facilitation of dissent, etc.

Some of the details above may be pulled from your existing narratives for each assigned visualization. However, a substantial portion of what I am asking is novel information. Any content that is copied from your original group narratives should be cited or otherwise denoted.

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