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Each student is required to write a paper. The length of the paper is 3-5 pages. It is the quality of the work and not the quantity of the pages which will be considered when determining the grade. However, papers 1-2 pages long are unacceptable. The paper must be submitted on time. The paper is due the day stated in this syllabus and the paper grade will be dropped an entire letter grade for each day it is late.

Please choose a psychological disorder (such as schizophrenia) or disability (such as memory loss). Find a fictional or non-fictional movie, book, story, television character etc. about the disorder of your choice. Discuss the history of your topic and any known causes, symptoms and treatments. Discuss how the topic you have chosen is accurately or inaccurately portrayed. This is your chance to diagnose someone. For example, a presentation could discuss amnesia and how amnesia is portrayed by Drew Barrymore in the movie 50 First Dates.

Research of topic (history, causes, symptoms, treatments) – 50 points

Portrayal of topic in movie, book, show etc. – 40 points

APA format, double spaced, cover page, references page, page numbers in the top right corner, and a running head & at least 2 scholarly sources – 10 points

Total – 100 points

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