In this Assignment, you will practice some epidemiology. You will apply what you have learned about the structure and function of microorganisms as you explore a pathogenic microbe and its impact on human health. Ebola is the disease we have to use!!!

To complete the Assignment, choose one of the microbes assigned by your instructor. Include the following prompts within your discussion:

Provide background about the disease-causing microbe. Is it a virus, bacterium, etc.? What are the symptoms of the disease?
Describe the impact of this microbe on human health. Why would this disease be of concern to epidemiologists? What is the prevalence of the disease in the human population?
Describe any treatments available for the disease. Include vaccinations and chemotherapeutic treatment options.
In your opinion, would the innate immune system or the adaptive immune system be more effective at fighting off this infection? Explain your answer and provide examples as support.
Basic Writing Expectations

8001000 words
At least 3 academic sources. These can include references provided within the project directions and the textbook. The Purdue Global Library is also a great source for academic references. Do not use sources such as Wikipedia or Ask.com. References should be credible and academic in nature.
Free of grammatical and spelling errors
No evidence of plagiarism. Assignment should be written in your own words, and sources should be properly cited and referenced. Use of quoted material should be limited to no more than 10% of the total paper.
Use of APA style for body of paper, references and citations. Refer to the APA Quick Reference Guide.
Be sure to review the Scoring Guide provided in Doc Sharing for details on how this Assignment will be graded.

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