MGT 448 Case Study

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Select one of the following cases from the International Business Textbook:

·         “Nike: The Sweatshop Debate” at the end of Part 2

·         “Google in China” at the end of Chapter 4

·         “Boeing versus Airbus: Two Decades of Trade Disputes” at the end of Part 3 (Video is not required to complete this case.)

·         “The Russian Ruble Crisis and Its Aftermath” at the end of Part 4

·         “Molex” at the end of Part 6

·         “Merrill Lynch in Japan” at the end of Part 6

Write a 500- to 750-word paper in which you address the following topics:

·         Describe the legal, cultural, and ethical challenges that confront the global business presented in your selected case study.

·         Determine the various roles that host governments played in this particular global business operation.

·         Summarize the strategic and operational challenges facing global managers illustrated in your selected case.

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