Memo on sustainability management

Read the “Individual case 4 case file” and then answer the prompt below. Please make sure to answer all the questions and to follow the format of the action memo (which I have also attached below as “action memo format”

Individual Case 4: Community-Anchor Strategies for Energy Democracy

Anchor institutionslarge, place-based entities like hospitals, universities, cultural attractions, public housing, and other major public institutionsplay an outsized role in their local economies. As large consumers of energy, drivers of infrastructure investments, and major political players, they are particularly influential in the energy sector and will play a critical role as this sector shifts to more renewable and distributed generation.

Communities seeking a more democratic and sustainable local economy can benefit from enlisting anchor institutions as partners in a just transition. Overcoming power asymmetries and influencing long-term investment decisions require creativity, persistence, and patience but can result in considerable community benefits and opportunities for self-determination.

(Maggie Tishman, Community Anchor Strategies for Energy Democracy)

As a sustainability advisor at the Bronx Cooperative Development Initiative (BCDI), you have been asked by the Executive Director of BCDI to review the facts presented in the chapter, Community-Anchor Strategies for Energy Democracy, and recommend which of the Remaining Challenges at the end of the chapter should be addressed first and how it should be addressed.  To support your recommendation, please be sure to answer the questions below:

1. What is an asset-based framework and why is it important to the low-income communities in the Bronx?
2. What does the energy sector have to do with democratizing the Bronx economy?
3. What is the role of Mothers on the Move in advancing sustainability in the South Bronx?

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