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Instructions ( FILE UPLOADING + examples of papers)
Identify an instance in a document, broadcast, or conversation in which the meaning an author assigns to a word is debatable. You are looking for an instance in which a person applies a word to an object or situation, and you disagree with the persons evaluation of that object or situation.
When you have your example, then answer for yourself the following question: Why is it important to dispute the meaning of that word? Your answer to that question will eventually become the thesis of your paper.
Begin your paper by summarizing your example, presenting your thesis, and previewing your definition of the disputed word. Following your introduction, present your research on your word that supports the usage for which you advocate.
You can trace the etymology of your word in the Oxford English Dictionary, which is available electronically via the university library: (Links to an external site.)
legal: (Links to an external site.)
medical: (Links to an external site.)
philosophical: (Links to an external site.)
slang: (Links to an external site.)
Next, youll establish the meaning of a term is to show how others use it, even if that usage is common only to a certain group of people. To do this, you will need to compile examples of others using your word in the manner for which you advocate. This research might include reference to the terms equivalent in other languages.
After establishing a precedent for your preferred meaning, explain the difference it will make to use that meaning over another. In this section of the paper, you will want to provide specific examples of how the words meaning can or will influence decision-making and social action.
Conclude your paper with a brief summary of your argument and re-statement of your thesis.
Your paper will also need to include three specific statements weaved within your paper:
A statement that makes specific value claims. For example: SJSUs EOP advances an equity-minded approachto education. Or, The Mineta Institute dedicates its resources to promoting sustainable forms of transportation.
A statement that makes an interpretive claim. For example: Her letter suggests that she equates political with corrupt.
A statement written in the passive voice. For example: The Governors speech was delayed an additional month while further policy details were finalized.
Remember tohighlight or bold or underline and label in parentheses which one is which to ensure there is no confusion and I know which statements to evaluate. Failure to do this will result in a zero for that portion of the rubric.
Formatting guidelines
Your paper should be 1000 words in length not including endnotes and citation page. Citations should be formatted in accordance with either MLA or APA guidelines.
Even when you reference a dictionary available online, be sure to provide a complete citation for the text, including the names of editors and publishers.
Remember to underline or highlight the three required statements within your paper.
You will need to cite at least 5 sources in this paper, but no more than 10.

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