Mastery Journal

Business Storytelling & Brand Development Mastery Blog Post
From the knowledge and resources provided about personal branding, brand strategy, brand identity, brand story, and business development, provide personal journal post that reflects your growth throughout this month.

For this month, please publish a new personal journal post related to your original Mastery Assignment as it relates to this course. For this post, you want to consider how this course met your original objective, what you learned from the course content, and how you might apply it either personally or professionally.

Even though the parameters are broad, the key is to write a meaningful post. The content of the journal entry should be meaningful and substantive (at least 300 words on a relevant topic), professional (free of grammatical errors and well-phrased), timely (by the due date) and authoritative (citing sources where appropriate to substantiate opinions, provide relevant facts and avoid issues with plagiarism).

The journal entry is due by the end of Week Four. To deliver the assignment, please provide a direct link to your journal entry.

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