marketing strategy

Overview: This Extra Credit opportunity asks you to (1) carefully view three case study videos about marketing successes/failures and (2) record and post a group Zoom video analysis discussion.

Step 1: Preparation
Find two other students in the class to work with. You must have a total of three members.
Have each group member carefully view the following three videos independently (maybe twice), jotting down key thoughts and reactions to serve as their talking points for the discussion.
Netflix case study:
Kodak case study:
Nokia failure case study:
* You will need to skip the ads that are in these videos.

Step 2: Record and Post Zoom Discussion in the Project Folder
Schedule a Zoom video meeting for your group and make sure all members will be available to attend. Use the Gallery view so that all members are showing during the video.
If you are not familiar with using Zoom, visit the Zoom Help site for information. For technical support, contact the Support Center at 281-283-2828 or [email protected]
Be sure to hit record when you begin your Zoom discussion. Save the recording to your computer.
Begin with a quick introduction of your group members and a single sentence statement of the purpose of the discussion. (1/4 point)
Your group should have an open discussion about the three videos. The discussion should be integrated, not one video (or company) at a time. The discussion should be analytical, focusing on the how and why the companies did (or did not) succeed from a marketing perspective. (1-1/2 points) The group should specifically and obviously (e.g. I think what we are seeing is an example of ___ and heres why) integrate marketing theories and concepts from the text and/or lectures. (1 point)
The last minute (approximately) of the discussion should consider, given the current landscape of streaming services, what the future looks like for Netflix (this is based on your informed opinions and the history of Netflix presented in the video, not outside research). (1 point)
All members must participate substantively and equally in the discussion. Each student may refer to their prepared bullet points to keep the discussion moving and to ensure key points are made.
The Zoom discussion should last 8-10 minutes. (1/4 point) There may be a greater deduction if the video is very long. This is a casual, unrehearsed discussion. Set a timer. You should not be doing retakes to get the timing within range. You can, however, edit a long video to shorten it as necessary.

Looking at the instructions above
I need a two pages analyzing the three YouTube videos and outline discussing the marketing point of view using concepts from the book

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