Marketing Plan

Please check the “FinalPaper Instruction” file that include all pieces for the paper. By following the instruction, completed Body of the paper, You don’t need to write anything for the “1.    Introductory Pages” and “3. Appendices” parts, that is all completed by myself. The body of the paper is about “Marketing Plan for Deep Dream Generator” by following the Outline which is also attached on the files. Please see the examples to check what is the completed paper looks like. (But you don’t need to completed the whole paper, just the “2.Body of the paper” which is from INSTRUCTION to REFERENCE) Remember to cover all the bullet points on “Body of the paper”, and check the rubric. My paper is about marketing the AI tools to assist artist in creating works of art. Please don’t include any additional sentences that is not related to the project, like introduce the benefit of “Marketing Strategy”. More information and Appendices are in the “Project Instruction” file. For the b.    Problem Description/Opportunity part, you can discuss the opportunity about what artist looking for,Artist are looking for the ways they toolkicts use machine to help them do. (new technics/new approaches). Try to reduce the amount of time that they spend on doing the art work. Speed up their work. Follow the gap can AI help artists to fill those two gaps? Get to the point of what they gonna write. If you need any idea for the paper, please contact me, you can also post the previous part for me to check the progress, I can also request new order for more pages if you extend the amount of pages. Thank you for assisting me.

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