Question #1

If a company is the first into a new market, it has the so-called first mover advantage.

1.1 Is this advantage, in general, stronger or weaker when this is a high-tech market, and why?

1.2  What can such a company do to strengthen this advantage? What factors will determine what is the best method for a company to strengthen this advantage?

Question #2

XCZ Corporation is a leading pharmaceutical company. Fizz, Inc. is a small company in the soda industry. Both of them are trying to establish some way to generate sustainable competitive advantages for their latest products that are in the early development stage. For each of the two companies, answer the following questions:

2.1 Your textbook lists 4 intelligence generation methods (Chapter 4). Obviously, all companies should not neglect any and utilize them all. However, not all of them may be equally important for a given situation. For the situations outlined in question #2, which ones of the 4 major intelligence generation methods should be prioritized and why? Rank all 4 methods for each company in order of importance.

2.2 How can these two companies apply the ideas of making their new product inimitable? Be specific in your recommendations!

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