Maria W. Stewart

In this assignment, you will be writing an annotated bibliography of at least 5 sourcessome combination of books, articles, and primary sources.


Do some wandering via google.  Try to find articles about your subject.  In your bibliography, I am going to expect to see reference to 3 articles or books about your subject.  (But be careful here.  Look for articles from reputable sources.  Pay attention to who wrote them!)

Go looking for primary sources as well!  Im expecting at least 2 primary sources linked to your subject.Why? In grading your work, Ill be looking for firm evidence and solid quality research.  Figure out the mainstream silences about your subject (Since this is a subject that isn’t actively being covered in history classes.) Then go looking to fill that in.  Youll want basics–Stats, numbers, facts, events, names, etc.  But youll also want deeper examinations. To get to that, look for books or articles of significant length from respected newspapers, magazines, or online news sites. 

Here are some links to things that I found helpful with regards to Maria W. Stewart:

Please make sure that you find a couple primary sources (speeches, newspaper articles from that time, books that she wrote, etc.) to use and talk about and a few articles/books/ etc to talk about as well.

Ive attached my proposal sheet to give you some input as to why I chose her for this project.

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