“Trend and patterns of FDI activity in the State of Kuwait: Opportunities, Impediments and Its Impact on Kuwaiti Economy”
You are required to write a paper to seek answers to the following three research questions:

1. Explain the growing importance of FDI for the State of Kuwait based on official statistics. You will be documenting the relevant data by providing tables and figures indicating the breakdown of FDI inflows in terms of time dimension, sector, foreign equity ownership, and country of origin (with your comments) (7 points).

2. Discuss about the opportunities for as well as the impediments or barriers to global corporations FDI activity for the State of Kuwait (8 points).

3. Discuss the effects of global corporations FDI on Kuwaiti economy on the basis of following aspects: economic growth, improvement of technological capacity, employment, and human resource development (10 points).

You must follow the academic writing guidelines and provide at least five scholarly references.
The word count limit is minimum 1500 words.

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