Management and Leadership Trends

Now that we have an understanding of the style of leadership and management you want to utilize, let’s dive into trends that will work for you.  Please follow ALL the directions.  Write a 3-5 page essay and include the following:

Research and discuss two (2) General Management/Leadership trends that are currently going on globally.
Research and discuss two (2) Specific Management/Leadership trends for Recreational Therapy (needs to be different than the two above)
How will these global and industry trends help you in future crisis management situations?
Research two management and two leadership trends that are going on globally.  Meaning use the internet, magazines, newspapers, industry journals, etc to determine what is trending in these areas in 2021.  Then research two industry leadership and or management trends in the field that you are interested in. 

Examples –

Globally – working remotely is a trend that will continue for many companies. Then expound on it.
RTE Industry & Hospitality – New roles for staff.  Technology check-ins online instead of with front desk staff.  Routine mundane tasks going to robots, like room service and employees more focused on personalized services vs rote tasks.
(Do not use the examples in your trends.)  Make sure you expound on each.  I am not just looking for a list.  Remember your papers are 3-5 pages.

Your research must include utilizing, citing, and listing two resources outside of the text. 

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