Malcolm Gladwell Write Up

After watching the Malcolm Gladwell Ted Talk “Choice, happiness, and spaghetti sauce”  let’s take a deep dive on the following questions.  As always, please limit your responses to one page, single spaced, and preferably no more than 1 1/2 pages. 

Here is the link for the Ted Talk: 

1. What was was the “wrong message” everyone drew from Grey Poupon and why is it  so important for hospitality?

2. What was the major breakthrough made by Malcolm’s hero? What does this discovery tell us about survey research? 

3. In the marketing myopia assignment the importance of knowing your customer and what they want is critical and often misunderstood. Malcolm suggests that this might not be so easy and uses a number of examples (coffee, pickles) to demonstrate this. After viewing the video (maybe 2x), what is the take home message for hospitality managers?

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