Lucky Guy by Nora Ephron (directed by George C. Wolfe)

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Write a play review. Make sure you:
Include the who, what, where, and when.
Write about the casting. 
Write about the plot. 
Consider the theme of the show. What elements make up that theme?
Think about the style of the play. How can you tell the type of style this play has? Is there more than one style choice?
Comment on the costumes. Did they fit the character? Who designed them?
Comment on the set.
Give your own opinion. Say what you like and don’t like about the play and maybe suggest some improvements
Comment on the characterization. Any accents you found particularly good, emotions you thought were realistic?
Talk about the background music. Does it contribute to the performance or does it ruin the moment? Talk about any flaws in the music or mistakes as well.
Type the review and feel free to do what you wish with it!

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