Looking Forward: Pharmacists of the Future


This assignment is also designed to develop your critical thinking skills, particularly in making learned decisions. One of the most important reasons we study the past is to learn from it. After reading all of the assigned articles in this course and watching the designated movies, there had to be some impact on how you feel about your chosen profession. You are being asked to prepare a short paper discussing how you feel current pharmacists perceive their role and how you see the professional in twenty years.

Learning Activities:
Refer, read, and reflect on the readings from this course, from other classes, and ones you may have found that discuss the past and/or future of our profession.
-Discuss how you think that preceptors or practicing pharmacists you know perceive their current roles and how they look at the future (or do not look at the future).
– Is he / she afraid or will they be able to embrace the coming changes?
– How can we best integrate technology with improving patient care?
– What should be added to the pharmacy curriculum to make you better prepared for the future? What should be removed to make room for your additions?
– How else should Colleges of Pharmacy change to prepare you better for the future?

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