letter to older self

We started this course by having you write a letter that you would have written in May explaining why you received an A in this course.  However the focus was meant to be more on who you were becoming and how you have grown and challenged yourself.  Rather than focusing on a letter grade, my hope was that you would want to become the person that you wrote about.  I would encourage you to go back and read that letter to see if you, 1) took it seriously 2) challenged yourself 3) if the things that you wrote about are now true!

Focus of your final letter –

Advice to your older self on what you have learned through the course of this semester on leading yourself, becoming who you were created to be, perspective and encouragement as you have navigated this unprecedented time in history. 

I will just print off and mail 5 years from now.  This can be any length that you want.

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