Legumes Nutrition

watch this video: https://mediaspace.msu.edu/media/The+diet+that+helps+fight+climate+change/1_lj4xh46d
read this article:
explore the website and then watch the clip below

Answer the following questions, at least three sentences long for each of them please:

a. The University of California video and the Guardian article made several points about the environmental and energy costs of meat. Which point or points did you find either compelling or not compelling? Why or why not?

b. There were 4 videos you could have watched (SanDera Nation, Bittmans TED talk, Forks over Knives, The Game Changers)? Which did you watch? Which point or points in the videos and/or websites did you find compelling or not compelling? Why or why not?

c. Some experts are calling for Americans to cut their meat consumption by 50% or even 90% for both the health of the planet and the health of humans. What do you think about this? What are the barriers that keep people from adopting more plant-centered diets?

d. Is shifting some of your consumption towards plant-based/legume meals something that you would consider doing yourself? Why or why not?

e. Tell us about your plant-based meal(eating a plant-centered meal highlighting grains and legumes as complementary protein (instead of meat)). Is this new to you? This year, many people tried adding more legumes into their home cooking as a response to COVID-19 (grocery supply issues, meat plant worker concerns, a focus on health). Does this resonate with you?

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