Law Ethics

Consider your answers to the following three questions from the arenas of cybersecurity, environmental policy, and patent law. To begin, I would like you to share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences that inform your decisions. Then, please round out your answers with ethical approaches or ABA Rules of Professional Conduct.

Ethics comes down to individuals and individual decision-making. Knowing that we bring our past experiences to our decision making, please think about the following three questions. Use ethical approaches and/or the ABA Rules of Professional Conduct to answer the questions. What past experiences contributed to using this approach?

– Discuss the decision a company has to make after it is hacked. Will it hack back?
– You are the president of a textile company. You are considering paying off an environmental regulator. Will you make the payment in order to keep doing business rather than shutting down?
-Discuss the appearance of impropriety when a former patent examiner becomes an expert and is paid to testify at a hearing.

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