Keep Your Food Safe during a Power Outage

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     This is the term report for my last English course which decided on a specific research topic:
Keep Your Food Safe during a Power Outage”

The main point is to connect the electricity to saving food, the report should be in problem-solution theme

        The report should satisfy these guidelines:
·         It should be between 1500 and 2000 words.
·         Using six sources: they should be recent Not older than 10 years.
·         It should be written for educated leman people (NOT too technical).
·         Use only the APA style to compile references and to make in-text citations.
·         The report should be submitted within ten days, it might be extended a few days if needed.
·         The report should contain a 3-level outline.

·         Finally , it should be well organized and include all report stuff (intro. ,body sections, figures , references …)

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