Julius Caesar

Funeral Speech Comparison

Prompt: Brutus and Antony both use different rhetorical appeals and devices to persuade their audience at Julius Caesars funeral.  However, many arguments can be made as to which man was more persuasive. 

Your assignment is to write a comparative essay analyzing the use of rhetorical appeals (Ethos, Pathos, and Logos) and rhetorical devices (Antithesis, Repetition, Parallelism, Etc) in Brutus and Antonys speeches.

Essay Requirements:

Introduction paragraph with a clear thesis statement (By examining x,y, and z, it is clear that ______)
Your thesis statement should clearly state who you think is the more persuasive speaker.
Example: After comparing both mens use of rhetorical devices and appeals, it is clear that Brutus, through his use of Logos, Parallelism, and Antithesis, is the more persuasive speaker.
Minimum of 3 body paragraphs. Two ways to set this up.
Brutuss speech / Antonys speech / Which is more effective
Rhetorical Appeals / Rhetorical Devices / Which is more effective
In the conclusion, review who is the more persuasive speaker overall.  Review your main points, but the emphasis should be on WHY one is more persuasive than the other.

Essays must use direct quotations from the play as support.
Parenthetical Citations must include the Act, Scene, and LIne number for each quote (III, ii, 26-28)
A reminder – put your quotes on ICE.
Introduce your quotation in your own words. Give context to what is being said.
Cite your quotation using parenthetical citations
Explain your quotation in your own words (WHY IS IT IMPORTANT?! What should the reader get from this quote? Make it obvious to the reader – dont assume the reader gets it – BUT DO NOT SIMPLY RESTATE OR SUMMARIZE THE QUOTE)
Essays must be double spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman font.

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