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Paper Assignment
Write a 6-8 page paper (type-written and double-spaced, including footnotes and bibliography) on one of the women artists listed below.  The objective of this paper is to evaluate the uniqueness of the art and the contribution the artist made in the history of art.  Follow this format:

1.    Discuss her training and major influences in the development of her art.
2.    Contextualize her art by discussing how her art is related to the art of her time and     stressing the similarities between her work and that of her contemporaries.
3.    Explain the uniqueness of her art–this time, focusing on the difference between her work
to the others of her time and any particular traits that solely identify her work.  While pointing out the general characteristics pertaining to the majority of her work, use specific pieces (about 4-5 works) to discuss her art in detail.
4.    Conclude by assessing the significance of her art in the history of art.

This is not a biographical essay on an artist, so do not dwell on the artists personal life, but focus on her art.  You should only address the items spelled out above.

Articles I need to use are uploaded in the files.

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