Islam, Secularism, and Democracy

Islam, Secularism, and Democracy

Engage in the three primary texts about Islam, Secularism, and Democracy.  After a brief summary of the ideas introduced in the assigned texts, you should provide a discussion of the topic by writing your comments and by incorporating the knowledge you gained from the other readings in the course. I expect to see meaningful and informed discussion of the primary texts. The paper should be well-written in an analytical fashion with a clear argument.

The Three Primary Texts are:
1. Namik Kemal (Turkey, 1840-1888), Wa shawirhum fil-amr (And Seek Their Counsel in the Affair [Quran, 3:159], in Kurzman, Charles, ed. Liberal Islam: a source book. Oxford University, Press, USA, 1998.

2. Madjid Nurcolish, Islamic Faith and the Problem of Pluralism: Relations Among the Believers, Oxford Islamic Studies Online

3. M. Iqbal, Islam as an Ethical and a Political Ideal, Iqbal’s First Speech in English (Lahore, April 1908). Read sections 5 and 6

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