Invisible Inequality: Social Class and Childrearing in Black Families and White Families

Annotated Bibliography
Each student will be required to select a topic of individual interest from the material covered in the text in anticipation of conducting research on the matter.  Upon selecting a topic, the student must then conduct library research to learn more about the matter from an academic perspective.  In addition to the information provided in the text, students must retrieve and examine a minimum of three peer-reviewed academic journal articles to develop an annotated bibliography.  Using the library, look for articles from social science journals (e.g., Sociological Inquiry) that have a Short Title: Followed by a more descriptive title that is about 20 pages long and presents methodology as the foundation for the article.  In other words, it is not an opinion piece from a magazine, but rather an empirically based essay base on research.  For each article, write one sentence on the general theme of the paper, one sentence that addresses your chosen issues more directly, how it serves to inform your topic, and a quote that you would cite in a paper.

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