Interracial Marriage

Review these statistics on interracial marriage. a. b. c. d. 3. Read these articles discussing TV commercials depicting interracial couples and families. View any videos linked to in these articles. a. b. c. Essay Content 1. Before reading the articles, did you think that more interracial couples and families were being shown in commercials and/or TV shows/movies in the last few years? Note at least one commercial, show, or movie that comes to mind as an example. If you did not think about this issue before at all, provide a short discussion as to why you think you did not. 2. Why do you think the number of commercials with interracial couples has increased? a. In discussing your view, consider the ideas in the articles, discussing whether or not you agree with them. If you do not agree with any of them, discuss why this is so and present your own argument for why the number of commercials with interracial couples has increased. All three articles must be cited in your discussion. b. Optional: Discuss whether you think the commercials are trying to sell their products to the type of people portrayed in the commercials or if they are they targeting a different audience. c. For this question, you must demonstrate that you read the articles, regardless of your opinion. 2 3. Do the commercials discussed and/or linked to in the articles reflect the statistics on interracial marriage? a. Discuss by citing at least two of the links to statistics provided. You may also cite your textbook here. b. Optional: Discuss what we might learn from seeing interracial couples and families on TV/in movies, even if they do not reflect reality. c. For this question, you must demonstrate that you read the links to the statistics, regardless of your opinion.

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