International Business

International Business

This activity is a platform to sharpen and demonstrate your knowledge and analytical skills in international business. This assessment also provides you with opportunities to link the international business theories with the practice.

Assignment background
One of the important decisions that businesses need to make in its internationalisation is to choose an appropriate entry mode to foreign markets. Imagine you are working for a Singapore company listed on Singapore Exchange (see below for more details) and have been asked to expand the company?s product/service to Australia. Your task is to choose the most appropriate entry mode for your company based on your analysis on a range of related factors.

Which company shall I choose for this assignment?
A list of Singapore companies will be provided to you inside the Blackboard of this course. You may choose any one of the companies from the list to do your assignment. The list comprises firms incorporated in Singapore and listed in Singapore Exchange (SGX). This will give you easy accesses to the information that you will need to complete this assignment, such as the company?s profile, annual report, financial performance etc.

What products/services of the company should I focus on?

Most of the given companies have more than one segment of products/services. In this assignment, you ONLY need to focus on one product/service of the company.

Assignment question
What is the most appropriate market entry mode, and why?

In this assignment, you need to choose the most suitable entry mode for the chosen company and MUST justify it by analysing the followings:

? Company analysis: justify your choice of entry mode by analysing the company?s resources and the nature of its main products/services
? Context analysis: justify your choice of entry mode by considering the cultural, legal, political, economic and market environments related to the product/service in the target (Australian) market;
? Scale analysis: why do you think your choice of the entry mode suits the company in terms of scale, risk level, return level, control level and integration level (level of integrating with local market)?

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