Information Strategy Report (Adidas)

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Information Strategy Report (Adidas)
Choose Adidas and produce an Information Strategy Report suitable to be presented to management at a senior level in an organisation.
1. Perform an analysis on the sector identifying the main external influences on the sector and the most powerful drivers for competitive advantage. Identify the main companies in the sector and the products, turnover, profits, market position, market share. From this analysis produce the first part of the report.
2. Compare the chosen company with the market leader of the sector and identify and note the differences between the two companies and analyse potential reasons why the market leader is more successful. These will be included in the second part of the report as suggestions for improvement.
Perform an analysis of the chosen company looking at external (from the sector analysis described above) and internal business and technical environments and make suggestions as to how the company should respond to the findings of the environment analysis.
Using Porter’s Five Forces analysis examine the competitive position of the company again making suggestions as to the response the company should make to the findings of the competitive position analysis.
Select four other topics from the module syllabus to further analyse the company again recording suggestions as to what the response of the company should be.
Format all of the suggestions into the second part of the strategy report indicating the priority for the implementation of the strategy suggestions on the basis of the benefits gained looking at the short, medium and long term.
The suggestions made should be properly justified, supported by citations to the sources
Evidence of the problem shown, again properly citing sources, should also be included in the report.

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